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The 5 best Joker in the cinema

Los mejores Joker

Joker, the villain of the Batman universe

Jerry Robinson was the conceptual creator of supervillain Joker, adversary of superhero Batman and one of the villains with more followers in the world of film and television. In many of Batman’s films, the Joker (“The Joker” or “The Harlequin”), he was played by leading Hollywood actors. Although all of them contributed their own vision to the role, several achieved thanks to their interpretation some of the best Batman films. Here are the 5 best Joker movies:

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker (2019)

The filmmaker Todd Phillips decided to create a new version of the villain, and Phoenix was responsible for being one of the top 5 Joker in the cinema. Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) lives in Gotham with his mother, and his only motivation in life is to make people laugh. He acts as a clown in small jobs, but his mental problems make people see him as a freak. His big dream is to act as a comedian in front of the public although a series of tragic events will increase his anger against a society that ignores him.

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008)

The actor gave life to the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight in 2008, the film that is part of the dedicated trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. It had such an impact that the actor, who died from an overdose at age 28, six months before the premiere of the film, managed to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989)

The film directed by Tim Burton, became one of the most recognized works of the actor. Nicholson, who earned six million dollars for his work, is one of the top 5 Joker in the cinema, for his interpretation of the villain with a terrifying smile.

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (2016)

The film, directed by David Yesterday, presents a renewed version of the bad guy that failed to convince many viewers. Leto singer of the group 30 Seconds to Mars, played a very virile Joker assiduous to strip clubs.

Cesar Romero in Batman (1966)

First feature of the Dark Knight. Romero, the first actor to play the Joker, stated in his contract that under no circumstances would the mustache be shaved, so they had to hide it with makeup, since the villain does not have it.

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