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Song of Frozen 2 «The Next Right Thing»

Frozen 2

Advancement of the new song «The Next Right Thing» by Frozen 2

Actress Kristen Bell who plays the role of Anna in the movie Frozen 2, shared a preview of the theme The Next Right Thing on Instagram.

The sisters Elsa and Anna share with Kristoff, the snowman Olaf and the reindeer Sven this new adventure that arrives on the big screen on November 22.

In the song, Bell sings like Anna: “Just do the following right, take one step, step again, it’s all I can do to do the right thing.” While the music is playing, Anna can be seen climbing up a dark cave, jumping over a crack and eventually finding a way out.

Compartida por Kristen Bell

Although Bell worked on many movies and television series, many of his fans know his voice more than his face, since he played in 2013, Anna’s character in the hit Disney movie, Frozen.

Since then he continued to voice Anna in several short films and other projects affiliated with Frozen in recent years. He will play his role again in the next sequel, Frozen II.

Frozen II trailer

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